Program Changes for the 21/22 Season

Current #RestartMB Guidelines – Southern Health – Code YELLOW: Caution

With us currently being under Code Yellow restrictions, all of our programs are currently running. Currently, we have no capacity limits. Closures may happen as the year progresses, but we’re praying that this situation becomes controllable and that we’ll be able to be open for the majority of the 21/22 season.
We are no longer required to do contact tracing and we no longer need to operate under the non-vaccinated guidelines. We do not require the vaccine to attend or volunteer in any programming. We believe that is 100% your choice and we will not discriminate either way.

While under Provincial Code Yellow:

While the core of our programs hasn’t changed, there are a few things that have.
First and foremost, the safety of our students, their families, as well as our staff and volunteers is our NUMBER 1 priority! The rules for attending any one of our programs are as follows:
  • Sanitize your hands upon entry
  • Physical distancing is a must (2 metres between people)
  • Use hand sanitizer upon entering the building, and any time you change tasks to go do something else.
  • The COVID-19 vaccine IS NOT required to attend our program! You’re welcome either way!
  • At this time, we currently do not have any capacity limits
    • This number may fluctuate based on the state of the Southern Health Region according to #RESTARTMB – The Pandemic Response System. Please see the announcement at the top of this page for the current occupancy limit.
  • Avoid greetings that require touching (hand-shakes, hugs, etc.)
  • Masks are NOT required in order to enter our building and attend our program. Masks are available should you choose to wear one.
  • Absolutely NO bandanas (this is a Bunker rule…not just a COVID rule)
  • If you are at all unwell, please stay/go home. If a student is suspected to be unwell, they will be asked to go home immediately.
  • While we are currently allowed to serve food and drinks, we ask that you simply distance yourself from others while you  consume your food/drinks.