This Program has been Postponed indefinitely

A Message from Johnny Lightning:

I started souping up slot-cars when I was 14. I never liked how cheesy the factory model cars were. LOL! I had a neighbour (we lived out of town) who was on the same page! Many winter nights were spent soaking motors in rubbing alcohol to create continuity, and experimenting with different kinds of brush materials to see which one made the cars go faster. Racing and building truly has to be in your blood to enjoy this part!

My vision for this program at The Bunker is to draw a crowd of young people as well as adults, who have a heart to create, experiment, and compete in one of the worlds biggest motor sport hobbies. This is an extremely affordable hobby due to the fact that we’re using a 1/24 scale, and is extremely fun!
We want to create a safe and positive environment at this program, which is why we’re partnering with The Bunker on this!

I look forward to seeing YOU at the races!
John Friesen

Students under the age of 18 are required to have a parental consent form filled out. These consent forms act as registration forms for this program. This program can only hold a maximum of 20 students, thus registration forms are needed. The first 20 students to hand in their forms will be accepted into the program. If the student is under the age of 11, they MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian to the Wednesday events. If they’re over the age of 12, they don’t need to have a parent/guardian with them, but we do encourage all parents/guardians to attend!

In order to keep the cost of this program at $0, we are looking for sponsors!
We are looking for the following:
– Sponsorship to cover upgrades to our track, maintenance supplies, and car upgrades: $3,500
– Individual Car sponsorship (so that each student can build their own car): $100 per car per year (up to 20 cars per year)

Track sponsorship will include your business logo or name on the front of our track.
Car sponsorship will include your business logo or name on the car(s) that you’ve sponsored.

Slot Car Student Registration Form
Slot Car Sponsorship Form

Just a few pictures…