Our First Tuesday Night will be September 14th!

Program Details

  • Tuesday Evenings 7-9pm

  • Grade 7-9

  • Masks must be worn the entire time while attending this program (indoor only)

  • Currently, we do not have a capacity limit. But that could change at any time!

Tuesday at the B is a night for students in grades 7-9. Tuesday is a night where students get to hang out with one another and also with caring and loving volunteers. We strive to make The Bunker a place were all youth in our community can feel like they belong and are cared for by God and by us. On Tuesdays we accomplish this by letting there be enough time for students to connect with volunteers doing many different activities such as playing pool, basketball, foosball, playing video games or just having out on the couches. We also have a time of speaking were either one of the staff or a guest speaker will come and share what God has placed on their heart to share with the students. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Harold Espinosa.