Rules & Regulations for Rentals at The Bunker

Rentals at The Bunker look a little different this year. Specifically our Christmas rentals

  • Due to the fact that we can’t have professional cleaners working for us around the clock to ensure that our building has been properly sanitized, we will require extra cleaning from you and your group (Lists will be provided to you upon booking as well as located in our rentals binder at our facility).
  • At this time, we cannot allow a gathering of more than 50 people in our building.
  • In following with the provincial guidelines for the different health regions, we will be following their #RESTARTMB program for the Southern Health Region. To see the rules and restrictions for Southern Health at this time, click on the link below.
  • We ask that anything you use (tables, chairs, video game equipment, etc.), you sanitize before using. We can’t guarantee that the people in the space before you disinfected properly (or at all) when they were finished their rental.
  • If you are uncomfortable with using us for your rental, please let Alycia know ASAP and if you’ve paid, you will get a full refund.