Currently, a private gathering does not have any capacity limits. Our program capacity does not apply to private events (IE. gatherings, weddings, etc.).
A rental, while in our building (public space), is still a private gathering which means we must abide by the private gathering rules. We will not make exceptions to anyone as we do not want anyone to receive a fine. For the most up to date information on the current COVID-19 Restrictions, please click the button below.
We ask that you follow these rules, as they were made by our provincial government. We have no say in this matter…we’re just doing as we’re told to ensure everyone’s safety! We are not going to be in attendance at your gathering to police group sizes or check vaccination status, but we do ask that are honest and follow the rules regardless of how you feel about what those rules are.

Looking to host a family gathering? Planning a concert? Planning a large business meeting?
The Bunker has got you covered!

The Basic Rental (every rental) includes the following:
– Tables & Chairs for 150 people (you are responsible for setup & takedown)
– 3 Pool tables
– Foos ball table
– 1/2 Court gym with equipment (hockey sticks, hockey nets, basketball net, basket balls, etc.)
– TV’s for video games (Xbox 360 & WiiU, along with a small assortment of games are available) or DVD movies (you will have to bring your own)
– Board games & card games
– Use of the canteen area (coffee maker, popcorn machine, cooler)
– Single microphone and monitor upon request ahead of time (great for MC’s and background music – to be provided by you)

Cost: $300 for as little or as long as you need the space! (18 hour maximum time in single day rental)

Turn up the volume you say?

Music Level 1: Background Music (provided by renter), 1 microphone, 1 monitor  –  Included with Basic Rental upon request ahead of time
Music Level 2: Single Group Concert, meetings, etc. – microphones, speakers, projector, etc.  –  $75*
Music Level 3: Large Concerts, Multi-group stage events, etc. (Approved Sound Tech required* – Must be Bunker approved. Using non-approved techs will result in the loss of your damage deposit)  –  $200
* A Sound Tech will not be supplied by The Bunker

Providing Food?

Basic Kitchen Rental: Use of cooler, coffee maker, popcorn machine (you supply dishes, cutlery, coffee, etc.)  –  Included with basic rental
Full Kitchen Rental: Use of Commercial Kitchen (convection oven, induction stove top, commercial dishwasher, dishes (for 75), cutlery (for 75), coffee maker, popcorn machine)  –  $100

Need more time?

We understand that sometimes, you need just a little extra time for set-up or take-down/cleanup for your rental.
Additional days for set-up or cleanup may be available, either the day before and/or the day after your scheduled rental date for an additional $100 per day.

EXAMPLE: You’re having your wedding reception here on Saturday afternoon, but would like to set up the day before. Your rental fee would now be $400 instead of $300 (example does not include add-ons like sound equipment or commercial kitchen use).

If you would like to take advantage of this option, please let us know at the time of booking to ensure that we will be able to accommodate your request. Assuming that this option is available on the day of your rental without prior consent from The Bunker will result in the loss of your damage deposit and you will likely not be granted a rental request in the future.

*Add-on dates to your rental are not available during the months of November & December

For rental inquiries, please contact Alycia Hildebrand
To download a rental form, click HERE

Looking to have The Bunker cater an event?

We have done many catering events over the years. Everything from weddings to staff picnics!
Our specialty is pulled pork and fries! But we’re open to any ideas you may have!

If you’d like to know more about our catering program, please contact Kevin!