Upcoming Events!

Back in 2006, Hank Wall and Pastor Harold Espinosa got together and created EtherLAN.

EtherLAN is place where people could have fun in a clean and safe environment to play PC games. As time went on, we wanted more than just a gaming group. It needed purpose for us. So EtherLAN teamed up with The Bunker in Winkler to help raise money to build a version of The Bunker in Puerto Rico. In 2017, La Fortaleza – Bunker was completed! Now we are raising money to help with the expenses that come up with running a drop-in centre in Puerto Rico!

Every year The Bunker hosts two major EtherLAN events in weekend-long gaming and tournaments. There are always a great variety of games to play. From board games like Settlers of Catan and Tabletop Fantasy Warhammer; to Wii/Wii U games of Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers Brawl; to PC games like Rocket League, CS:GO and Call of Duty 2. During this tournament, people can win trophies, prizes, build friendships, and hear the good news gospel of who is Jesus.

We have a special guest during supper time, who speaks about Jesus. All ages are welcome. Thank you to everyone, especially Pathway Church and our many business partners who have helped this ministry grow.