Who We Are & What We Believe

Our Core Mandate

The Bunker Youth Ministry is a community supported youth drop in centre for any and all youth ages 13 – early 20’s.  We offer a casual environment for youth to come to hang out with friends, shoot pool, play floor hockey, basketball, or a variety of video games.  We also periodically partake in special after school and day trip activities such as laser tag, hockey/baseball games, and trips to Winnipeg.   

Our mission and purpose is to provide ALL youth with the opportunity to have access to a safe place where volunteers and staff will be available to walk with them through the great days in life, or through whatever struggles and challenges they face.  We are here to support, encourage, mentor and advocate from them.  Since we are not professional counsellors, we do not provide counselling, but we are able to provide guidance and assistance for those who do seek such services.  We are also here to provide them with direction and recommendations for any other youth related professional services.

Faith Focused

The Bunker exists out of God’s call for us to Reach Out, Speak Out, and Stand Out, in Jesus name for young people.  We do this by providing a place where young people can be loved through intentional relationships with volunteers, observably shown God’s love through ministries and activities, and purposely challenged in the Christian faith.  We strive to develop and equip youth and young adults, willing to go out into the world, locally and abroad, to spread the love of Jesus and His invitation for salvation.  In everything we do, we need to be looking for opportunities to display our lives as living words from the Bible.  In all that we do, others should immediately and clearly be able to see that we are different.  In noting these differences, it is hoped that we will be given the opportunity to present the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and the benefits of having a relationship with God.

We exist out of God’s call for Christians to reach out, speak out, and stand out for young people in Christ! 

We want to provide a place where young men and women will be loved through intentional relationships with volunteers and staff, observably shown God’s love through ministries and activities, and purposefully challenged in the Christian faith.
We desire for young men and women to not simply know about God, but to deeply fall in love with Him. As they do so, we desire to help connect them to the larger body of Christ. The intent, is to help them continue to grow, even after they stop coming to The Bunker.

Proverbs 27:17    Philippians 2:3-8    Matthew 25:40    Luke 16:10-12


The one true God exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Jesus Christ is the Son of God
The Bible is God’s inerrant written word
Christ died for our sins, was buried, and was raised on the third day
By grace we are saved through faith
The Holy Spirit lives with all believers
The Church is the body of Jesus Christ
The local Church is a fellowship of believers
The gospel is to be preached to all the world
Jesus Christ, the King, is coming again!