The Plan…

In June of 2022, The Bunker Youth Ministry acquired the space next door to use, formerly known as Central Station/Winkler Food Cupboard. Our plan for the space is to turn it into a for-profit social enterprise restaurant called Industrial Eats. The over-reaching goal and intent of this enterprise is to continue to expand our Bunker mission and vision, and be able to help all those whom we will have contact with, move to a more positive place in their life, socially, financially, mentally, and emotionally.

Our Mission…

– To provide Meaningful and Life-giving Employment to Marginalized people of the Winkler Area.
– To provide people with a positive workplace where we can walk alongside each other down a life path of positive change.
– To create amazing food that people will enjoy in a welcoming environment.
– To donate all profits generated, to The Bunker Youth Ministry to aid them in their programs and projects

Our Goal…

We honestly had no idea what a project like this was going to cost us, so when our contractor came back to us with the quote, needless to say we were slightly shellshocked. Currently, we have a rather lofty goal of $850,000. While donations have been coming in, we currently only have about 1/2 of the funding needed to complete the project. Our aim is to be open sometime in 2024!

How You can get involved…

There are a few ways that someone can get involved!

– Financial Donations
– Material Donations
– Labour Donations