Program Details

  • Currently Bi-Yearly trip to Puerto Rico

  • Volunteers & Students who are committed to The Bunker

Years ago, we had a dream of taking a group of our students on a missions trip. We had no idea how or when that would happen, but it was a goal. After many months of seeking God’s wisdom, our prayers were answered and the opportunity to go and work on a Puerto Rican version of The Bunker became reality! Now, every 2 years we plan to take a team of students back down to Puerto Rico to work with the church there that is associated with The Bunker Puerto Rico. We spend a full year preparing for the 2 week trip (team building, training, fundraising, etc.) so that when the team does get down there, they’re somewhat prepped and prepared for what they’ll be facing! For a lot of students that we take, it’s a life changing experience! If not life changing, it’s definitely eye opening. For more information about this program, please contact Kevin Hildebrand.

Important Dates for 2019 Trip

Check out the Video from the 2017 Trip