Program Details

  • Currently Bi-Yearly trip to Puerto Rico

  • Volunteers & Students who are committed to The Bunker

Years ago, we had a dream of taking a group of our students on a missions trip. We had no idea how or when that would happen, but it was a goal. After many months of seeking God’s wisdom, our prayers were answered and the opportunity to go and work on a Puerto Rican version of The Bunker became reality! Now, every 2 years we plan to take a team of students back down to Puerto Rico to work with the church there that is associated with The Bunker Puerto Rico. We spend a full year preparing for the 2 week trip (team building, training, fundraising, etc.) so that when the team does get down there, they’re somewhat prepped and prepared for what they’ll be facing! For a lot of students that we take, it’s a life changing experience! If not life changing, it’s definitely eye opening. For more information about this program, please contact Kevin Hildebrand.

Check out the Video from the 2017 Trip