At this point, we’re hoping that the summer of 2024 will be our year for the next missions trip!

Program Details

  • Currently Bi-Yearly trip to Puerto Rico

  • Volunteers & Students who are committed to The Bunker Please Note:
    You are not guaranteed a spot on the trip just because you signed up or because you’ve gone on previous trips. Volunteer opportunities for the 2021 trip start in Spring of 2020, and EVERYONE who has signed up is given these opportunities.

    From there, Kevin, Harold, and other trip leaders/organizers narrow down the list based on who has participated in the volunteer opportunities and the attitude towards the tasks/other potential trip goers. The team will likely be finalized by October 2020 (may be earlier or a bit later), with monthly team building meetings/training starting shortly after. If you are selected to go, but decide that you are unable to do so, that is ok! You have until January 2021 to decide!
    After that, it becomes a little more complicated as tickets may have been booked depending on when you decide to drop out. If you do decide to drop out, any fundraising that you have done goes into the general Puerto Rico fund (helps to pay for additional VBS supplies and unexpected expenses once the team is there).

    You will not be given your portion the fundraised cash if you decide to drop out. It will not go to the person taking your place, as they are responsible for fundraising their own amount. Skipping out on the monthly meetings or a lack of involvement in fundraising, volunteering, and/or team building may result in you being asked to step down from the team so that someone else who is more willing to participate can take your place. You are responsible for raising your own funds! The amounts fundraised does not go into an account to be divided up by everyone equally. You show up, you get a portion from each fundraiser that you participated in! By doing the fundraisers that we organize, you have more than enough opportunity to raise the amount you need. If the amount you need is not fundraised, you will be responsible for paying out of pocket the remaining amount no later than 1 month before leaving for Puerto Rico. Fundraising efforts include (but are not limited to): city garbage clean-up, catering events, etc. You will also be asked at times to VOLUNTEER for certain events. You WILL NOT receive fundraising money for these events, but they are to see how you work with team members and how you do with the task that you’ve been given. Volunteer events are JUST AS IMPORTANT as the fundraising events! The trip is generally a 2 week trip (give or take a day or two) and it takes place at the end of June (after school is out for the year)/Early July.

We had a dream…

Years ago, we had a dream of taking a group of our students on a missions trip.

We had no idea how or when that would happen, but it was a goal. After many months of seeking God’s wisdom, our prayers were answered and the opportunity to go and work on a Puerto Rican version of The Bunker became reality!

Now, every 2 years we plan to take a team of students back down to Puerto Rico to work with the church there that is associated with The Bunker Puerto Rico. We spend a full year preparing for the 2 week trip (team building, training, fundraising, etc.) so that when the team does get down there, they’re somewhat prepped and prepared for what they’ll be facing! For a lot of students that we take, it’s a life changing experience!

If not life changing, it’s definitely eye opening. For more information about this program, please contact Kevin Hildebrand.

Check out the Video from the 2019 Trip