In each of the sections below are randomly selected people to pray for. If you’re wanting to pray for more than who is shown below, please refresh this page for new people!

Friday Night Students

Our students who attend our Friday Night Program are between the ages of 14 & 21. They all come from a variety of backgrounds and various walks of life. Each and every one of these students is amazing and an important member of our Friday Night Family!


Every single one of our Tuesday & Friday Night volunteers has a heart for the youth of our community! They regularly take time out of their busy lives to spend time with our amazing students!

Below is a Volunteer that has been selected for you to pray for!

Your Volunteer to Pray for is:

Friday Night Volunteer: Mike

Tuesday Night Students

The students who attend our Tuesday Night Program are in grades 7 & 8! They are a ton of fun to have around and spend time with!